South African Symposium on Numerical and Applied Mathematics

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Table of Contents

Invited Presentations

Transformation-based and differential Equation-based Approaches for Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming Problems PDF
M Ali
Singularly perturbed systems with non-isolated limit manifolds and applications in mathematical biology PDF
Jacek Banasiak
Survey of extrapolation methods for linear algebra problems PDF
Claude Brezinski
Mathematical Assessment of the Role of Climate Change on Vector-borne Diseases PDF
A Gumel
"Black Swan" events - beyond the realm of expectations PDF
A Kijko
Advanced remote sensing image analysis with super resolution mapping PDF
Alfred Stein
Contour Integral Methods for PDEs PDF
Andre Weideman

Contributed Talks

Nonstandard finite difference scheme for a model of nerve conduction PDF
Adebayo Abiodun A
Laplace transform-homotopy perturbation method for pricing under affine pure diffusion models PDF
Claude R. Bambe Moutsinga, Edson Pindza
Analysis of power-law Stokes equations: A penalty finite element approach PDF
Jules Djoko Kamdem
Turing instability in SI model due to infective avoidance PDF
Herve Michel Djouosseu Tenkam, Roumen Anguelov
Finite Element Approach to Trap-Insect Model PDF
Claire Chantal Dufourd, Roumen Anguelov, Yves Dumont
Beam models for vertical high-rise structures PDF
Sonja du Toit
Motion Deblurring of Images Using Tomographic Reconstruction PDF
Jan-At Engelbrecht, Milton Frick Maritz
Spatial randomness of Discrete Pulse Transform constructs PDF
Inger Fabris-Rotelli
Spurious resonance in semidiscrete methods for the Korteweg-de Vries equation PDF
Marco Fasondini
Symmetries and Conservation Laws of Difference Equations PDF
Mensah Kekeli Folly-Gbetoula
Optimal C^3 Interpolatory Subdivision Schemes PDF
Mpfareleni Rejoyce Gavhi
Multilevel Finite Volume Method for the Convective Cahn-Hilliard Equation PDF
Hagos Hailu Gidey
Computing with Legendre polynomials PDF
Nick Hale
Dynamical analysis and consistent numerics for a delay model of viral infection in phytoplankton population
Shitu Hassan
Numerical simulations of Isothermal Collapse
RS Herbst
Frequency Analysis of wind- and earthquake induced oscillations in vertical structures PDF
Anya Hoogkamer
Inverse Heat Conduciton Problem in the Mixed Derivative Heat Equation PDF
Byron Jacobs
Simulations of wind and earthquake induced oscillations in vertical structures PDF
Liesl Janse van Rensburg
Big data: a compressed sensing approach PDF
Charl Janse van rensburg, Inger Fabris-Rotelli
Conservative finite difference schemes for the KdV equation. PDF
Olaoluwa Ayodeji Jejeniwa
Quantitative guidelines for portfolio safety during retirement PDF
Eben Mare
Adaptive Function Approximation using a Wavelet Basis PDF
Michael Robin Mitchley
On a multi-domain bivariate Lagrange polynomial based spectral collocation method for solving non-linear evolution partial differential equations PDF
Sandile Motsa
Mechanical Basis of Seashell Morphology PDF
Derek E Moulton
Towards a single curve to rule them all PDF
Nkululeko Nokwara, Michael Maxted Harvey, Dieter Hendricks, Diane Wilcox, Tim Gebbie
Lie symmetry treatment for pricing options with transactions costs under the fractional Brownian model PDF
Bienvenue Feugang Nteumagne
Discrete singular convolution for the generalized variable-coefficient Korteweg-de Vries equation PDF
Edson Pindza
Variations around Padé approximation PDF
Michela Redivo-Zaglia
Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions for symmetric bilinear forms on a Hilbert space
Tanja Schmid
Finite time extinction models in population biology and epidemiology PDF
Prashanthi Sivakumaran
Comparing the 2π periodic solutions of the nonlinear oscillators obtained by Poincare-Linsdtedts method and second order Van der Pol plane method PDF
Maria Phindile Skhosana
The discontinuous Galerkin finite element approximation for the multi-dimensional wave equation PDF
Belinda Stapelberg
Efficient Mathematical methods for Subsurface Energy Recovery PDF
Antoine Tambue
Approximating Nehari interpolants: The rational matrix function case PDF
Sanne ter ter Horst
One-dimensional models for the motion of an elastic solid PDF
Nic Van Rensburg
On some developments with regards to the Finite Element Method in Option Pricing PDF
Gusti van Zyl


New bounds for the extreme zeros of Meixner polynomials PDF
Alta Jooste
Polynomials orthogonal with respect to symmetric moment functionals PDF
Abey Sherif Kelil
Distributions of the $LULU$ operators in images PDF
Kwok Ho Lau, Andriette Bekker, Inger Fabris-Rotelli
How students can be more efficient in learning Newton-Kantorovich methods PDF
Margaret Spicer
Pattern formation in a coupled reaction-diffusion system PDF
Stephanus Marnus Stoltz
Solid Rocket Motor Thrust Modelling Using Level Set Methods PDF
Mvuyisi Humphrey Tshokotsha, Milton Frick Maritz